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We empower the creation and operation of 40-160 student
Catholic schools with an annual cost of $3,850 per student

CEO Gareth N. Genner speaks to the Georgia Public Policy Foundation on the viability of Educational Savings Accounts

ABOUT Parish.Academy

  • Centered in the Person of Jesus Christ
  • Contributing to the Evangelizing Mission of the Church
  • Distinguished by Excellence
  • Committed to Educate the Whole Child
  • Steeped in a Catholic Worldview
  • Sustained by Gospel Witness
  • Shaped by Communion and Community
  • Accessible to all Students
  • Established by the Express Authority of the Bishop

We are a student-centric, comprehensive platform and support structure designed to empower the launch and management of micro-schools in Catholic Parishes. These schools are able to offer state-of-the-art education at a per student cost from $3,850, with 40 to 160 students per school. In voucher/ESA states, available funding totally covers the cost of operating the schools. The pedagogical and operational systems being created by Parish Academy are currently used in many schools throughout the United States and overseas and we plan to open the first dedicated Parish Academy in 2018. If you are interested in having a Parish Academy at your parish, please complete the contact form and we will email you when more information is available.

We are supporting the Bishop's Canonical obligation to provide a Catholic education to "all that desire it" by empowering them to save the 100-150 Catholic schools that are closing each year while also opening new, self-funding, parish schools. Our goal is to save or create 100,000 affordable educational opportunities over the next 7-years.

A Parish.Academy school is a Blended Learning environment in which accomplished role-model Catholic teachers are leveraged by trained curriculum guides utilizing research based, individualized curriculum that can be accessed anywhere at any time through our take-home one-to-one technology. The Parish.Academy model can be implemented as a full-time classroom program with up to 225 school days in each academic year or as a hybrid model with students combining classroom-based activities with home study.

The core Parish.Academy curriculum effectively delivers the learning required for critical success in standardized assessments, school and college and is complimented by a commitment to Project Based Learning (PBL). PBL is a dynamic approach in which students actively apply their theoretical learning to real-world problems, challenging and reinforcing critical thinking & problem solving skills leading to Deeper Learning. PBL also facilitates the seamless cross-curricula integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) into the curriculum as students access the school’s Maker Lab to create virtual and physical representations of their learning bringing to bear all of the academic disciplines.

Parish.Academy’s personalized curriculum and supplemental “playlists” provide every student with the the precise level of challenge and support appropriate to their needs. The Parish.Academy program is ideal for both gifted and ESL students while also meeting the needs of students requiring academic remediation.

Savings are achieved by:

  • Occupying under-utilized parish facilities.
  • Implementing assessment-mapped Blended Learning curriculum.
  • Single dashboard, classroom & student management technology.
  • Shedding administrative costs in favor of a SAAS based back-office.
  • Streamlined management structures
  • Leveraging role-model Catholic teachers with trained learning facilitators.
  • Balanced learning modalities.
  • Unbundling extra-curricular and other non-academic services.

Our technology includes:

Tagged & searchable video of all classrooms permitting review of:

  • Student engagement, to customize individual instruction.
  • Instruction & interaction for self-review, peer mentoring & remote coaching.
  • Videos of exemplary teaching curated in a best-practice library.

Teacher & student generated playlists, augmenting core-curriculum.

A proprietary LMS, emulating student support found in high-cost private schools by creating a network of teachers, coaches, & parents, alerting them when students are off-track and guiding the creation of a holistic strategy. The LMS also awards digital badges and enables teachers to quickly create unique web & mobile Apps to address individual learning needs and provide structure for parental coaching.

Smart "watches" facilitate non-urgent calls for collegial assistance as well as triggering emergency lockdowns, alerting all staff, locking classroom doors, and sending live video & audio feeds to administrators.

We are constantly iterating upon our vision of a contemporary Catholic school by implementing best in class curriculum and technology while building upon a foundation of 20+ years of operational experience.

By reason of their evangelizing mission, Catholic schools should be available to all people who desire a Catholic school education for their children Gravissimum Educationis

"Education is integral to the mission of the Church to proclaim the good news. First and foremost, every Catholic institution is a place to encounter the Living God, who in Jesus Christ, reveals His transforming love and truth" Pope Benedict XVI Address to Catholic Educators, April 17, 2008

Parish.Academy is an apostolate of The Solidarity Association, a Public Juridical Association of the Christian Faithful

The Catholic Educator

"In today's pluralistic world, the Catholic educator must consciously inspire his or her activity with the Christian concept of the person, in communion with the Magisterium of the Church. It is a concept which includes a defense of human rights, but also attributes to the human person the dignity of a child of God. . . . It calls for the fullest development of all that is human, because we have been made masters of the world by its Creator. Finally, it proposes Christ, Incarnate Son of God and perfect Man, as both model and means; to imitate him is, for all men and women, the inexhaustible source of personal and communal perfection." Archbishop J. Michael Miller, C.S.B